Getting on Down in Gilcrux!

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Another good night for Stooshie at Gilcrux Village Hall on Saturday 10th November on our Arts Out West tour of West Cumbria.  We were met by Julie the hard-working organiser and her daughter at the attractive, newly-refurbished hall and were soon provided with tea and home-made ginger cake by another of the friendly volunteers.

The first set seemed to go down well and we took a break for more food; a tatey-pot provided as part of the very reasonable entry price!  A delicious cheese pie was also provided for the awkward vegetarian members of the band.

Our more lively second set also received a great response and we were called back to do an encore.  Lots of very positive comments from audience members at the end of the night and the now almost traditional enquiry of “What is that thing that Dave sits on and hits?  It sounds great!  Can I have a closer look?”  This is, of course, the Latin American inspired ‘cajon’; a mysterious wooden box that manages to sound like a drum kit.

Arts Out West asks audience members to fill in feedback forms at the end of the night and Julie passed on some of the comments, including that  people really liked the vocal numbers we now play and they would like to hear more!  This is really refreshing, as we were initially a bit nervous about singing.  We are now rehearsing a couple more songs that should appear in the live programme soon.

So, many thanks again to Julie and all at Gilcrux for your welcome, food, beer and very positive comments.  Yes, we would love to come back and play in the Village Hall again some time.  We really enjoyed ourselves.  Keep up the good work!

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