The Kirkgate Centre, Cockermouth 15 September 2012

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We had a fab time at the Kirkgate last night.  Young, local folksters Yan Tan got us off to a great start with their take on some trad tunes from the UK and the USA.  We loved the song about beans and corn bread! With an age range from 12-18 years, singing and playing flute, fiddle, guitar, keyboards, bodhran, concertina, cajon and spoons, there is a lot to look forward to from these great young musicians in the future.  They also got up and danced to Stooshie at the end of the night, too; which is always much appreciated!  Thanks for your support, guys.

We played a fairly downbeat first set, trying out another new vocal track with ‘Winter Moon’ by Lau.  I think we are getting a bit more confident with our singing now, after several years as a purely instrumental outfit, and Pentangle’s ‘Wedding Dress’ also got an enthusiastic reception after the beer break.

The second set ended up with some of our livelier numbers, but I think we finally have to admit that ‘Bulgarian Red’ is not the easiest tune for dancers to keep up with; perhaps we need to move it earlier in the set.  Lots of lively dancing and twirling in front of the stage to finish the evening on a high note, with Peatbog Faeries’ ‘All About Windmills’ still a favourite for the encore slot.

Stooshie would also like to thank the volunteers who looked after us at the Kirkgate, bringing us the very important tea, coffee, biscuits and beer, mixing the sound and generally taking good care of us.

Now looking forward to our tour of village halls, starting next month. 

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