Singin’ Out at the Mardale Inn

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Thanks to Chalky for inviting us to play at the Mardale Inn in Bampton last night; we had a really good couple of sets and tried out our vocal chords in public for the first time with a couple of songs.  Quite interesting, after several years of playing together, to make the shift from a purely instrumental band to one that “sings a bit”!  We aired Stooshie versions of ‘Winter Moon’ by Lau and ‘Wedding Dress’ by Pentangle.  Members of Pete’s family happened to be visiting as we were trying out the tunes in a recent practice session and we had unknowingly been previewing our performance; they were listening in from the next room and then crept in and demanded that we “Do it again!”  So, with that positive reaction spurring us on, we felt pleased with ourselves at overcoming our initial nervousness and taking our voices out to the world!  Well, to a little pub in Cumbria, anyway!  The audience seemed to really appreciate this new twist, so more vocal versions in the offing and more songs already floating around in the rehearsal room.  Watch this space!

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